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Casting items occupy a large ratio in different vehicle parts. There are numerous sort of casting products such as vehicle engine block, cyndrical tube head, transmission real estate, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, crankshaft, camshaft, piston, as well as wheel hub, etc. Nevertheless, in contrast with developed industrial nations, China’s automotive precision castparts products still accounted for little regarding the overall output. According to stats, American auto castings make up 33% of the overall manufacturing, while ours just represent less than 20%. There are numerous scenarios concerning this industry.

precision castparts

First of all, the fast development of automobile sector drives the vehicle spreadings market which is among the significant downstream markets. About 10.5% components of a lorry are iron spreadings, as well as 6.4% are aluminum spreadings. These precision castparts not just have big quantities, however additionally have premium quality requirements. With the continuous development of China’s car industry, auto spreading manufacturing likewise raises. According to statistics, in 2009, China’s vehicle production and also sales quantity went beyond 13.5 million, and also the automotive casting manufacturing got to 10.33 million heaps. It is expected that the production of them will get to 11.48 million bunches if the automobile outcome in 2010 got to 15 million.

The rapid growth of the automobile industry offers a lot of opportunities for our automotive spreading items. At the same time, with the needs for lighter and also energy-saving, the needs for non-ferrous spreadings will certainly be additional broadened. Considering that 2000, China has actually become a genuine casting manufacturing nation with the biggest production worldwide.

Secondly, the export of these items remains in the down pattern. Although China is the globe’s leading spreading production nation, we are still far from casting power. The rapid growth of our manufacturing is at the expense of the high energy intake, high source consumption, as well as pollution of the setting, and so on. Furthermore, compared to some other items such as stamping parts and fasteners, our vehicle precision castparts are still at a low-end level. And also they can be easily impacted by the market changes. The financial dilemma in 2008 had much impact on our casting sector. Consequently, it had a sharp decrease.

Thirdly, the procurement services aid to improve the export of the casting products. The decrease in export of the automotive castings has various causes. On one hand, the top quality of our products is low enough. On the other hand, there are too many residential producers of auto precision castparts so that international buyers can not find the pleased providers. According to stats, there are about 26,000 of shop enterprises, the majority of which are low in expertise as well as efficiency. Close to, those ventures additionally do not have professional management and advertising and marketing capabilities. As a result, customers can not make the best choice.

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