How To Know If You’re Dating The Right Person

– Hello, hello, hello my friends Kaitlyn here, and how do you know if you're dating the right person? Ah, well

(upbeat electronic music) This is a subscriber question from Sarria I'm probably butchering your name I'm really sorry if that's the case But if you want to submit a question like Sarria and have it featured in a video, then make sure to come over to one of my social media sites, or submit it on the form on my website, which you can get to by the little "i", that little card in the corner So, how do you know that you're dating the right person? This is actually a question I've been asking myself a lot recently, since I've kind of been entering back into the dating world

Do you only date someone when the sole intention is marriage, and just not waste time on others, or do you date to get to know people, and let it be about the process? I'm really starting to see it more from that second perspective, because the first one I feel like can put a lot of pressure on you, and may push you to stay with someone who just isn't right for you (laughs) Been there, done that So, I've kind of found three things that you need to think about and ask yourself when you're wondering if you're dating the right person First is, how much time have you given it? It takes time to really get to know someone, so on day one it may feel super right, but by month three, it may be super wrong Essentially you can't expect to know right off the bat

I don't believe in love at first sight I used to, but I've found that everyone that I've had a worthwhile relationship with has been someone that I wasn't immediately enamored with It was someone that I grew to really care about, and you know, upon first meeting was like, yeah, this is a nice person, but I wasn't like, (sighs) I'm in love with the m! (laughs) Second is, do they make you happy? But not, are they the sole source of your worth and happiness But do they make your life better? Do you have fun with them? Do you enjoy making memories with them? Being in a relationship is hard work, and you don't wanna be in one with someone who doesn't make you happy Yeah, maybe they're super hot, and maybe they're someone who your parents think you should be with, or your friends think you should be with, but is it actually enjoyable being with them? And third, are you getting to know the real them? It can be easy to have a really fun, but superficial relationship, that is not going to last

The thing I've found about effective dating is that you have to learn nitty gritty details about a person over time, so that you can know if it's going to work long term You just shouldn't marry someone who you don't know that much about I know a lot of people do it, but it usually is quite hard for them They may work out in the end Maybe just try to get to know the person before committing to something super long term

Think of dating as a process You're getting to know another person, and imagining your life together So you may find that three months in you feel like you're dating the right person, but after a year in, maybe you're not, and then you have to break up, and that's okay It sucks, but it's okay It's much better than wasting time with them

Hmm So question for today, is if you are or were at some point in a relationship, how did you know that the person was or wasn't the right person for you But sure to tell me down in the comments and remember to subscribe and hit the notification bell so that you know the moment there's a new video (sighs) And I will see you guys next Thursday! Bye! (kisses) (laughs) (upbeat electronic music)

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