8 Tips to Reduce Air Travel Stress

Craig Huggart: Hey, saint As you know, I travel a lot and travel can be stressful

In this video, I share my top eight tips for reducing travel stress Tip #1, TSA Precheck If you travel at all, it is worth it It's only $85 for five years With it, you get to streamline going through security

No taking off your shoes, no taking out liquids, none of that So, TSA precheck, tip #1 Tip #2, CLEAR CLEAR is a new service offered to many major airports Once you signed up, it is so easy

You just simply scan your thumbprints and get escorted right through the line The last time I was at LaGuardia, there were 25 people in the TSA Precheck line but only three in the line for CLEAR It's a bit expensive at $15 a month but for frequent travelers, highly recommended Tip #3, short term pessimism It's likely that in any trip, there's going to be a hiccup or two

So why not just expect them? For instance, your flight might be delayed, short term pessimism Tip #4, long term optimism You're going to make it This combination of short term pessimism and long term optimism I first heard about in Viktor Frankl's A Man's Search for Meaning If it can help him survive a concentration camp, it can help you on your next trip

Tip #5, pay for airport lounges like the Delta Sky lounge They can be a quiet oasis in the midst of chaos Sure, they can be expensive but they can be well worth it Also, many credit cards in particular American Express, offer discounts for this Number 6, don't check baggage

A long time ago, I used to check baggage and a co-worker of mine said, "Look, I'm a girl If I don't check baggage, you cannot check baggage" And ever since, challenge accepted I haven't checked baggage My go-to bag is the Sky Train by Red Oxx

Check it out Tip #7, drink the drink of champions, water When the flight attendant comes by, just say, "Water, no ice" She'll think you're a pro Tip #8, wear sea-bands

They work great for reducing nausea and just seemingly stress in general My daughter, when she was on an international mission's trip, used these and they worked great for her I've used them ever since If you like this video, make sure to subscribe to my channel And for another stress-reducing strategy, check the description and download My Exact Evening Routine

That's a wrap and I'll see you next time

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