5 Best Travel Tips | Emily Tsuda

My guys welcome back to my channel So I hope you can hear me in this equity bathroom, but it is currently for 15a So I thought in my last video I feel more like travel tips my top 5 favorite travel tips I've traveled since I was a kid So I feel like I'm not an expert but I practice the first tip is to get to the airport two hours before your flight, so it's currently 4:15 and my flight is at 8:00 I believe but it takes a little bit to get to the airport so we can go really early before the Sun to apply the airport, but the reason for getting there early is important is because anything it happened your flight get canceled or delayed or You can go be going through security and something can happen So it's always best to get there two hours early I know it sounds excessive but it's worth it And plus I mean getting there early to my current and you're just chill at the airport on your phone or something Hey It's too big exercise we may say that I was using never know what's gonna happen Jeanny an extra set of clothes for if some I just hope they have Is Not a clever plane and for long time because otherwise you might have jet lag especially if it is use time difference from departure to destination My fifth and final tip is to drink tons of water So airplanes can be a little more drying so it can cause you to be a little bit dehydrated Even if you don't feel that you are so drinking tons of water Can help you with your immune system and especially so you don't get steak or anything like that well, I'm back in the States and I hope you guys enjoyed my series as I traveled in Japan I really enjoyed this series and I hope you guys enjoyed watching and kind of just traveling along with me while I was over to See you so stay tuned for more videos on my channel and subscribe down below if you haven't already and give this video a big Thumbs up if you had some enjoyment in this travel to Japan with me a series and I'll see you guys in my next video my name

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