10 Tips for Van Life & Travel as a Couple

take 775 no would take three hi everybody welcome hi everybody and welcome back to our channel where Eamon and Bec and we've been traveling for over six years together most recently we've been living in this self converted Sprinter van travelling across North America and one of our most frequently asked questions we get it all the time is how do you travel and live and work and be with your partner 24/7 so I'm just very patient I got oh my gosh that's what you think home buddy ya know it's something we've been getting a lot recently but also even when we're backpacking just like traveling how do you do it how do you you know spend so much time with your partner we've been together for six years so it feels like oh we just we just work we're a great team yeah and we are and I think that that's probably the tip number one is like picking a great partner that definitely you want to make sacrifices and compromises for this video is a little different than what we normally do but hopefully we can add some value if you're thinking about going traveling with your partner or moving into a band or a tiny house let's jump into it let's do it the number one most important thing especially for a man and I is not to let hangar happen hangri is a bad look on the two of us even like mild hunger is like right away granola bar hmm you know that will solve a lot of issues if you guys have been following us for a while you see that we are constantly eating and we're actually asked a lot what percentage of your day is made up of cooking eating and cleaning and it's a huge part of our lives a because we love it and we love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen but also otherwise we'd go crazy yeah so super important that you know like with our own relationship we're starting to TIF we can tell it right away it's like hmm how long ago was it before we ate so super important to have snacks on you especially if you're backpacking and you might been a long bus mmm-hmm just being prepared ahead of time with food so you're not ripping each other's face off I think the only time you and I actually even TIFF I wouldn't say we fight but when we're kind of bickering it's always related to food and the funniest part is we'll be like I think you're hungry and then the other one is not hungry but you are always hungry so just stay well-fed we always have snacks in every backpack you always make fun of me because my backpack is never clean like a half-eaten Clif Bar and in there somewhere just because I know the importance of staying well-fed number two some things just aren't romantic or at least the way the word romance is used in storybooks and movies and all that kind of jazz pooping and having travels travelers diarrhea and the other ones throwing up and you're using the toilet it's not romantic to a lot of people but to us that's romance isn't it buddy holding your hair I think it's romantic it is kind of really the moment it's not like you're not thinking about that while you're doing it first shirt is so romantic it's beautiful no no but you look back on it it's like wow that was like really early on in our relationship I'm bonding in a way you know you have each other's backs you know you can be comfortable with one another and it's just about getting rid of this idea of this super romantic getaway and I think that we've talked about it before but of course on Instagram if you look into tiny houses or van life you you're gonna see the best snippets of someone's life and we do that of course because it's a visual highlight of your day but you have to remember between all of that there's the stress of trying to find where to park the stress of where you're gonna go to the toilet in the morning it was just knowing that you know it's not all butterflies and roses well I think that leads us really nicely into point number three which is managing your expectations yeah so a lot of us aren't jlo and these super billionaire type people who are going on vacation just came to my head who would you say Kardashians sure they're Kardashians they've got porters or whatever you want to call them taking their suitcases around for them that's not everyday travel that's not tiny living with a partner and I think it's about managing those expectations and understanding what we got the reality of it all is going to be and I think that's what you and I I tried to do a lot with our vlogs on this channel is show you guys what it's like when you're sick in the van and it really sucks just know that you know there's gonna be downs and when you are down ride it out you realize that this is gonna be a crappy moment and and get through an hour really key point about managing expectations that's really helped me and then in turn our relationship is the expectation of going to a place and thinking it's gonna look exactly like that Instagram photo I saw so early on in our relationship I would we'd be in Thailand and I would see a photo somewhere and think oh my gosh that is so beautiful I want to go there and it looks pristine and the water is aqua blue and there's nobody there and then you arrive and there's people everywhere it's so so hot you can't actually get in the water or you can't just a ripe photo because you don't have the right and D filter or they had like a light setup you never know right you're seeing a photo and you're thinking oh man I want to recreate that moment yes it's never gonna be the same exactly and so now what I do is I go into the moment completely expectation list and I'm open to exploring different places without having any idea or itinerary of what that means so the tip number four that we have for you is fine and travel with your tribe so basically what that means is it's okay to go and expand the crew and I think I would encourage it because yeah obviously you want to spend time with your partner but by increasing the squad you're allowing more people and more personalities into the dynamic yeah which creates a you know a stronger bond between you and your partner but also might take a little pressure off of entertaining each other so being open to inviting new people over or hanging out with new people is a really positive thing it helps you really appreciate your partner when you are just back the two of you if you never hang out with anyone else and it's just the two of you all the time the little things will start building up but if you have a tribe for a weekend then you spend a week together it's so awesome when it's just the two of you as change routes you really appreciate each other dividing your responsibilities and respecting the rules that come with those responsibilities and not nagging on the other one when they're doing that role if aimin is clicking there really isn't a space for me to necessarily be in the kitchen helping him at all times if there is room for it and I'll pop down this table I'll totally help him cook but at the same time it's like I totally respect that you're in the kitchen right now you need the space to do that so then I will then do the dishes verse six is super important money money can be a very difficult conversation but it's super important to keep track of it but be fair what we recommend is if you are going to travel with your partner you're gonna split the cost fifty-fifty there's really no other way we see it working when we started trapped traveling just as friends obviously we would you know buy each other little things here and there but when our relationship started developing a little bit further it was too difficult to say hey babe I bought you dinner last night you buy me dinner and don't penny pinch that's when you're gonna get into a lot of serious issues money makes people weird so what we recommend is putting money into one account and then just paying for everything from that count like each putting in the same amount so say it's $100 you put in 100 pounds Twitter bucks yeah and then you spend your money you buy your coffee you do your thing and you know you then you replenish the account number seven is to let it go let it go guys let it go inhale what what do you go go anything and everything to be honest if you guys have had a little bit of a tiff say hey I didn't like that you did that the other person says I understand and I'm sorry and then don't bring it up again at the end of the day this little thing is not gonna affect our lives what our relationship is much bigger than this yeah so what's the point of dwelling on it yeah yeah talk about it you know don't just like sit there quietly driving down the road I'm gonna attack talk about it get it all out yell at each other if you need to and then let it go number eight this is a big one compromise so basically pretty obvious but when you're traveling everybody has their own interests obviously you've common interest that's why you're in a relationship but outside of that if you've got you know one Saturday left with in your travels choose an activity you're gonna like in the morning and then choose an activity that she might like in the afternoon and understand it that's okay so for me if I want to rent a motorcycle and drive around an island that's cool but maybe we will go and get a pedicure for back on the route that's a great way to push yourself outside of your comfort level so for example like Beck would never have driven a motorcycle but now she kind of likes it I actually end up having so much fun and I think that's such a good point is you've pushed me outside of my comfort level and I do things that I wouldn't normally do but I end up enjoying them so much and the things with me I'm addicted to pedicures number nine is to communicate and always be honest with one another and that sounds of course like a no-brainer but I think it's something that you and I have really been growing and learning as we continue our relationship last one which we kind of touched on but take time to yourself it's super important that you're not with each other 100% of the day or 100% of the week or a hundred percent of the month regardless of how strong your relationship is it will crumble and take time to go for walk by yourself or I don't go for haircuts but you know go for a haircut whatever it is it's weird that you said that is gonna crumble because I actually think that you and I spend twenty three point five seven together yeah but I mean I'll still go for a boosted ride yeah I'm like that's enough for me we got 10 minutes riding around the city yeah and I'll come back like hey baby I'm at this random dude blah blah yeah you'll have more to talk about yeah and it just I think it does make your relationship stronger yeah and and whether that's a hobby or something you do I feel like this a whole list applies to like more than just travel absolutely it does but I think everything is amplified when you travel hopefully these tips helped you in some way and just prepare and communicate better or whatever it is I hope that this helped did this help let us know in the comments below if it did help you and you enjoyed the video we would love for you guys to subscribe to our Channel it's growing and we're so excited by that so please join the community let us know if you have any questions in the comments below if you want to get to know a man and I'm or we are podcasting right now a little cheeky plug for that every single Monday every single Monday and we get so much deeper into all of these kind of topics because it's a really great platform to just chat and tell you guys stories about our life so we've done quite a few episodes now you can check that out it'll be linked in the description and that's it that's all she wrote happy travels guys yes remember overall traveling with your partner will strengthen your relationship totally so we encourage you to try it maybe if you've never done it go for a weekend you know go to a neighboring town and get an air B&B or whatever it is start swearing to campervan yeah start small but at the end of the day it will bring you closer yes peace out safe travels the harder you work daughter you play so get working

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