1 Minute with Shelby Travers: Dating

ANNOUNCER: 1 Minute with Ottawa presenter Shelby Travers [MUSIC PLAYING] SHELBY TRAVERS: Dating as someone with a disability is pretty tough, especially when that disability is blindness, which I have

You know, I don't get to just see someone checking me out or catch their eye I can't read body language And I can't just walk up to someone and say, hey, would you like to go for a drink, or here's my number It has to do a lot with trust, trusting the person that I'm with It's often the stigma that because you can't see, oh, then you can get that blind girl, that blind guy because they don't know how you look

But it is something I care about So blindness and dating don't really tend to go hand in hand But if you are my Prince Charming out there, you know where to find me ANNOUNCER: Don't miss Shelby Travers, along with hosts Anthony McLachlan and Victoria Nolan, on AMI This Week

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